Rick Swartzentrover


I woke up today with a dragon on my chest
  As far as gruesome goes he must be the best


Scalely and green with red eyes of fire
  Venomous spit of blackness and mire


Pungent curls of smoke from out of his nose
  Blasphemous aroma where ever he goes


Speaks with a voice of scratchy sick slime
  It’s words sweet and bitter at the same time


My name is a secret; I’m your chief enemy
  I cause kings to stumble, disciples to flee


I’ll give you three guesses to figure my name
  Or I’ll hang your head on my wall of shame


You must be the devil my chief enemy
  This game is so simple, I won easily


I’m afraid you guessed wrong Satan’s my boss
  Two more bad guesses and this game is a loss


You must be Apollyon from the bottomless pit
  You just wasted guess two, I’m afraid that’s not it


Think very hard on whom I must be
  The game must go on so on to guess three


With this last guess I think this game shall I win
  If you’re not the Devil then your name must be Sin.


You lost the game -  no crying & don’t pout
  For my name is real simple, it’s just DOUBT