Rick Swartzentrover


That growing lump that’s in your throat
  and that empty hollow feeling inside your chest
“Will this feeling ever go away?”
  I know that feeling!


That nervous panic as you as you start to cry
  and you realize that you’re not alone
I will not cry! I will not cry!”
  I know that feeling!


That ever asking of the question “Why”
  even though yon know there is no answer
“Why God, wont you answer why?
  I know that feeling!


That undirected auger that builds inside your soul
  And the guilt that follows as you question yourself
“Do I have the right to feel this angry?”
  I know that feeling


I know it because I’ve lived it, I watched my best friend die.
  All those that I once called friends have denied knowing me
“My God, My God why have you forsaken me.”
  Yah I now that feeling
                                                                                     Love. Jesus