Rick Swartzentrover


Depression is a lot like being in a cave
  It's dark; it's lonely and cold like the grave
It has no heat, no friendship, no light
  It has no direction, no left, no right


The only sounds you hear are the sound that you make
  the beat of your heart as it starts to break
your foot steps echoing and the sound of your mind 
  as you quietly go mad and emotional blind


Alone in the cave you begin a self-pitying mope
  You strike out at God as you begin to loose hope
"This is all your fault!" "You're the reason I'm lost!"
  "You call yourself a Savior, just get back on your cross!"


But then in the morning, in the newness of day
  The cave's vanished and the depressions fled away
Jesus begins to speak and lovingly answer the “whys”
  You were never alone, just didn't open your eyes.