Rick Swartzentrover


Oh fallen Imp
  State that you’re in
Once Sapphire wings
  Just rotting skin


Look at the height
  From which you have fallen
God’s Sweet voice
  Never hear callin’


Your goal was to be
  Like the most High
Worshiped yourself
  And swallowed a lie


Misery Incarnate
  Eternally dead
Tried bruising God’s heal
  Wound up crushing your head


Hater of Christians
  Hater of Jews
Hater of mankind
  I know you will lose


War that you began
  Is already lost
Lost before it started
  Didn’t count all the cost


Son of the Morning
  Lucifer fell
Had all of heaven
  Now only has Hell


You’re going to Hell
  I won’t shed a tear
When you’re finally judged
  I’ll raise a great cheer


Hey mister Satan
  I've got something to say
I'm one of the fish
  One that got away


You've used and abused me
  And enslaved me for years
You've tortured my Spirit
  You've laughed at my tears


The strings have been cut
  I'm your puppet no more
Go find a new lover
  I'm no longer your Whore


So go to Hell
  You impotent Imp
You may grind the organ
  But I'm no longer your chimp


I serve a new Drummer
  He has His own beat
His Music is love
  And His tempo is sweet


You once called him Father
  You once called Him Boss
You once called Him Loser
  As He hung on your cross


Who’s loser now
  Oh, open your eyes
King of the Dung Heap
  Lord of the flies