Rick Swartzentrover


Lord, are you really there?
  I hurt so much.
  do you really care?
  I need your touch.


Lord, is my life a mistake?
  Is there a reason to be?
  my heart always aches,
  Do you really love me?


Rick, are you really there?
  That hurt me so much.
  do you really care?
  Please keep in touch.


Rick, was my death a mistake?
  I'm the reason to be!
  my heart always aches,
  do you really love me?


Lord, I am here.
  I'm sorry so much.
  I do really care.
  I will keep in touch.


Lord, your death is no mistake.
  You are my reason to be.
  sorry for causing your heartache.
  I really love thee.


Rick, I am here.
  I forgive so much.
  believe me I care.
  I give you my touch.


Rick, you're life's no mistake.
  You're my reason to be.
  I forgive you for the heartache,
  because I really love thee.


Lord, thank you!


Rick, you're welcome.