Rick Swartzentrover


During Passover week,
  many things did take place.
At first they loved Him,
  then they spat in His face.


On Palm Sunday,
  He entered with glee.
On the following Friday
  He was nailed to a tree.


They thought they were doing
  A favor for God.
But instead of a favor,
  they killed His "Iron rod".


They beat Him, they wiped Him,
  they nailed him to a cross.
But on the following Sunday
  He showed He was Boss.


They thought it was over
  but that was a joke.
Because on Easter Sunday
  Christ Jesus awoke.


It was all planed
  before the world was created,
that the Son of Man
  would come and be hated.


Now why would God come
  and be nailed to a tree?
The answer is simple,
  it was for you and me.


If He did not come
  the saved would be few!
I know I wouldn't make it.
  Would You???


So on Easter Sunday,
  while you're saying "Grace" 
Don’t forget the thank Him,
  for taking your place!!!