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Apartment Fire Across the Street
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I was watching TV last night when all of a sudden I heard a crashing bag like a car crash & then what sounded like a like a car scraping itís undercarriage over a bump. I looked up at the window & it had a red glow. Now Iím used to the red glow because I live across the street from an apartment building & sometimes when the cars turn to enter the under ground parking, their break lights will cause the same glow. I decided to look out the window at what I thought would be a car wreck but instead was a fire across the street & four houses down at a new construction site. I walked out side to see just how far down the fire was and could feel the heat of the blaze. I decided to alert the landlord so we could put water on the houses. The Landlord was already on his way out to what he said sounded like gun fire Ė Iím not sure but the pops may have been paint cans exploding. At this point I went back in the house for my camera. There was only a hand full of people on the street when I started to shoot the photos but later the crowd grew to about 500 people. The blaze had totally engulfed the building when I first saw it. No normal fire would spread that quickly, It had to be arson, Even the paint on the scaffolding was ablaze. Not long after I hear what sounded like a repeat of the first crash bang & scraping sound that first alerted me to the fire. From the bright white sparks it through off, I could tell it was the transformer behind the building exploding. I donít know if the first sound I heard was another transformer exploding or not but the two sounds sounded alike. Soon the Fire Department arrived, quickly set up their equipment & began the two hour fire fight. This morning, my street was blocked off as the police & fire department do their investigation so I couldnít get close to take photos of the after math. Iím hoping to take some of the after photos tonight after work.

Before the Fire Department Arrived
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After the Fire Department Arrived
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The Aftermath
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