My Hamster Cages
Turbo's Hamster Cage
Made from a Honda B16 Block & Head
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The Full Gage
IMGP1190.jpg (991025 bytes)
Front View
IMGP1191.jpg (989762 bytes)
Right Front
IMGP1192.jpg (980580 bytes)
Left Side
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The Guest Cottage
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Left Front
IMGP1196.jpg (872821 bytes)
Right Inside
IMGP1195.jpg (899571 bytes)
Left Inside
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IMGP1197.jpg (990567 bytes)
Lid Up
Turbo.JPG (47642 bytes)
Little Turbo
Little Turbo
CamGear's Hamster Cage
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CamHouse.JPG (59637 bytes)
CamGear & Her House
CamCar.JPG (70794 bytes)
CamGear's Racer
Little CamGear
Little CamGear
CamNest1.JPG (68117 bytes)
Cam's Nest
Little CamGear