The Fence

     The garden fence is a must where I live because of the rabbits that live in and around the yard. The same family has lived under our deck for the past 15 years. The adult male is so used to us now that he will come hopping across the yard for his daily stash of peanuts. They are too cute to kill but that doesn't mean I wish to plant them a garden smorgasbord. We had a old cedar fence that we replaced so instead of throwing the wood in thee land-fill I chose to cut down the 4 inch cedar boards and reuse them in the new shorter fence. I used a Table Saw to rip each board down to 2-1/2 inches wide to maintain the scale of our new Vinyl fence. The Concave sweep along the top of the fence is also in keeping with the new vinyl fence. The top diagram in the drawing id of the front entryway to the garden and the bottom diagram is of the left side. The other two sides of the garden runs along our existing chain link fence so I didn't feel a new fence was needed on all sides of the garden. The fence posts are simply 2 X 4's doubled up to make a 3-1/2 inch by 3-1/2 inch post. The front 2 X 4 is screwed into the planter boxes and the 2nd 2 X 4 sets on top of the planters. One the backside of the fence I ran chicken wire to keep the rabbits out.