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Frau Dr. Gertrud Wasserzug-Traeder of Germany and Switzerdland, the woman who had the greatest spiritual influence on the lives of Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. Billy James Hargis — two of America's most noted evangelists— is in the United States as a guest lecturer at American Christian College, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Hargis is president of the college where she now teaches. The noted teacher-theologian studied theology, philosophy and law at the University of Berlin and the University of Bonn, where she received her doctorate.

Since the mid 20s, she has been recognized as probably the world's leading woman theologian. Founder of the Bible Seminary in Beatenberg, Switzerland, where she taught Bible for more than 30 years, and where Dr. Hargis was first associated with her, she has contributed to the seminary training of over 1,000 pastors, evangelists and missionaries who have graduated from her seminary. She also founded Bible seminaries in Germany, France, Italy and Israel.

She has authored more than 50 books on theological subjects; just prior to coming to American Christian College, completed translating the "New Scofield Bible" into the German language; also translated Ruth Paxton's "Life on the Highest Plane." She served as general secretary of the World Christian Student Movement.

This German teacher assisted with the European arrangements involved in Hargis' project of sending Scriptures into Communist-occupied territories by attaching portions to gas-filled balloons in the late 40s and early 50s. This project was a- forerunner of Hargis' founding of his anti-Communist ministry, Christian Crusade.

Frau Dr. Wasserzug accepted Dr. Hargis' invitation to teach at American Christian College after she retired from the seminary in 1969 because, as she explained: "I think God has called America to be the stronghold of Christianity, and I wanted to spend my last years here."

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