A Brief Study of the Tabernacle

By Ellsworth A. Archer


     Rev. John S, MacGeary,  former missionary bishop, a careful student and a minister of long experience in religious work at home and abroad makes the following comment upon Prof. Archer's demonstration of the tabernacle model: . "I am sure that anyone who is at all interested in the types of the Old Testament could not fail to be edified and instructed by his explanations of the tabernacle its furnishings, the arrangement of the camp of Israel and the spiritual lessons suggested. The tabernacle will be more real as one reads about it after he has seen his model and heard Prof. Archer speak concerning it. I have read a good deal upon the subject but nothing has ever made the tabernacle itself and its significance so real to me. The model and lectures both manifest that much time and study have been given to the subject."


     Prof. John LaDue, Greenville College, Greenville, Ill., more than thirty Years a teacher of Bible, says, concerning Prof Archer and his tabernacle model: "He has evidently Put much careful study and work on the matter, and handles it in excellent shape. When I heard him he put more into the lecture than did the guide in Jerusalem when I heard the guide lecture on the world-famous Schick models there of the tabernacle and the temple."


     Professor Paul R. Helsel, former president of the Los Angeles Pacific College, says: "I have been acquainted with Prof. Archer's work on the tabernacle model from the beginning. I know something of the research study and care which has been given to the task. The explanations, furthermore, are especially clear and the interpretations and spiritual applications which are made will be a permanent benefit to both mind and soul."


     With pleasure as well as great profit, I listened recently to Professor E. A. Archer as he discussed the Mosaic Tabernacle. The subject is of great interest to me, as I have given considerable time to the study and discussion of the same. Professor Archer's "model" appeals to the mind through the eye, and with his clear, full, and forceful putting makes it a subject well worth hearing, and cannot fail to give spiritual benefit to all who hear him.


General Conference Evangelist


     It has been my Pleasure to meet with Professor Archer and hear his lecture and observe his demonstration of the tabernacle model. It is a most enlightening, interesting and instructive lecture and illustration. I have read much upon the subject of the tabernacle, but the lecture of Professor Archer together with his model did more to open my understanding than anything I have ever read.


(The Lawyer-Preacher)


     The acid test of any Bible lecture is, Does it grip the attention, does it instruct the mind, does it furnish deep spiritual truths?"

     These questions were forcefully and successfully answered by Professor Ellsworth A. Archer, A. M., in a lecture on the Ancient Jewish Tabernacle illustrated by a model which himself had constructed.

     Any man anywhere, who can hold the continued interest of a large group of foreign children and young people and adults who have not had educational advantages, when speaking through an interpreter, must have something of exceptional value to offer and that is what Prof. Archer had in addressing our Mexican people of the Free Methodist Mexican Missions. We are thankful for what it meant to them and trust that many • thousands may have the unforgettable experience of a personally conducted tour through this ancient religious shrine where God proclaimed to the world to this great object lesson the deepest spiritual truths.


(Supt. of Mexican Missions.)


     I have carefully read the manuscript for the book which Professor Archer has written on the Tabernacle. The research study involved in producing this book and in preparing his lectures has been extensive. A large number of new points are , brought out with great clearness. The subject as presented by Professor Archer is unique because of the spiritual applications which are constantly being made. One's spiritual vision is certain to be enlarged and his faith strengthened as he reads the book and listens to the lectures. All Bible students should be in possession of the facts presented.


(Missionary Secretary)


     MY Dear Brother: I am glad to add this word of approval to your splendid work on the subject of the Tabernacle. Your model of the Tabernacle is a fine piece of work and your treatment of the subject most instructive and helpful. I certainly bespeak for your booklet a wide circulation and a ready reception. God bless you. Faithfully in Him.     


(College Pastor of Friends Church, Huntington Park Calif.


     The Bible is like a gold mine which has near the surface and easily accessible much richness, which however, increases as the shaft is driven deeper. Most Bible readers are satisfied to use only the wealth that is easy to get. Brother Archer, in his mastery of the Tabernacle and its meaning, and in his lectures upon his most interesting model of that marvelous curtained structure has sunk a shaft and even crushed the ore and made accessible to us the hidden gold. To know the Tabernacle better, as these lectures enable us to do is to know better the plan of salvation and the possibilities of grace through Jesus Christ.


(Editor of the "Free Methodist")


     I have given some thought to the theories of the structure of the Tabernacle and its history as presented by scholarly Professors like Caldecott Kennedy, Keil and Fergusson. When I was in Jerusalem the guide pointed out the Schick s Tabernacle which is perhaps the world's most famous model. However, Professor E. A. Archer's model and lectures on the Tabernacle have given me a deeper appreciation of the significance of its teaching and a more comprehensive understanding of the spiritual applications of the lessons taught.

     The study of the Tabernacle will always be interesting to devout students. as it was here that God especially manifested himself to ancient Israel.


Educational Secretary)




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