The Authority of the Bible Today

By Leon Morris

A Paper


I was asked to remove this paper by the owners of THE CHURCHMAN because of copyright reasons. I have never made a dime from my website. All the work that goes into this site comes out of my free time so following up dead links because a sight that I linked to changed their site as this one did was taking up all my time so I found it easer to faithfully repost the articles on my site and add links back to the original site at the top and bottom of the article, that way if the linked-to site changed their site layout and the link was no longer good, the gospel would still go forth. Whoever, one "must not muzzle a ox as it is treading grain". So when asked to remove copyrighted articles, I comply. Sad because many of the viewers on my site have never heard of THE CHURCHMAN magazine and would never have found their site had it not been for the link-back of this article that was posted here.


If you are still interested in this article, you can find a PDF version of it at this link as long as the link is good, If the link is bad, I'm sorry, I have no control over linked-to sites


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