This page can no longer be viewed here. has threatened to sue me if I didn't remove their material from my site. I use to just link to their site but after constantly getting E-mails informing me of broken links because they moved the pages I was linking to, I just started to cut and paste their info without alteration or edit (except for placing the footnotes on the same page) with two links back to One to the main splash page and one to the author's splash page. I believed that under the Fair Use for Educational Purposes rules gave me the OK as long as I didn't prophet from it nor copy their whole site.


It seems that they get a lot of money from ads on their site and like the Temple Mafia of Jesus' day, they demand their blood money. I find this odd because I have never made a dime from anything on my Website yet because the money changers were not getting their cut of Caesars money, Michael Garrett the Executive Director chose to send me a threating E-mail [1]. How odd that the authors could only write what they did because of the Spiritual Gifts given to them freely by the Holy Spirit yet they feel a need to extort money for the use of their Spiritual Gifts. Yes I do realize that a Workman is worth his hire and one should not muzzle an ox but to sue a Christian site that makes no profit from anything on the site is like charging people to pray for them. I never thought that was money grubbing Name-it-&-claim-it pseudo-Christians like the cons at Trinity Broadcasting or Jimmy Swaggart but I guess I was wrong. Jesus did say that in the last days the AGAPE (love) of most in the church would grow cold. Some choose to worship Mammon (money) while others choose to worship God. If you truly want the info on the article you clicked on then by all means go out to their site so they can get their 1/3 penny but please don't download the info or there will be Hell to pay or at least court costs.




[1] Quote from the E-mail from Michael Garrett the Executive Director

"Before we go digging into every page of your website looking for our material, we are kindly asking you to remove all of our content from your site before we need to take legal action. "


        He then had the nerve to sign it


Serving Together in Christ

Michael Garrett
Executive Director


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