When Love Waxes Cold

By Frank S. Weston

Taken from Grace and Truth Magazine 1923


The word "iniquity" here is a specific word. There are several words to express wrong doing, — "sin," "transgression," etc., but this word expresses a definite form of deviation from righteousness — an opposition to rule and discipline.

"Iniquity," unsubmissiveness to law and authority, is to "abound" at the close of this age.

"The temper of men everywhere now is that of unsubmissiveness. Few are bowing to authority. There is a general self-assertion and indifference to law. It is seen in all classes from youth to age, and in all countries. The air is full of it. Lord Stanhope, speaking of conditions fifty years ago, says, "It is to be observed how I far more widely spread in those I days was the spirit of obedience. Men were willing to make the best of the present. The laws were not so good, but the people were better satisfied with them. The church was not so efficient, but was more cheerfully maintained."

There has been a marked change of mind with the masses in recent years. Those who are familiar with the public fully realize this. Judge Brawley says, "All these things indicate that the law is no longer respected by the people — the law has lost its sanction."

Senator Borah at a dinner in New York said, "We are now the most lawless of any nation. There is no country of first importance where there is so little respect for law." The reason for this is that men have lost the sense of God. The public regards crime lightly because it regards God's law so little.

Judge Taft says, "Among our student bodies, from the lower grades of the grammar schools, to the classrooms of the university, the boy or girl chafes under authority. Teachers and principals are openly blamed for imposing discipline, as though they had no right to do it; and not infrequently a boy or girl defies the teacher in the presence of the entire class, and instead of the others disapproving, the guilty one waxes in popularity."

Millions have cast of all authority and trample on all law, human and divine. This is seen in the attitude of the masses to the Word of God. Men have no hesitation in putting their own opinions above Scripture. Those bearing the name of Christian do not fear to say, "I know Ghost said so, but I do not believe it on His authority." This is true not only of historical facts, but of the great doctrines such as the Trinity, the atonement, the second advent, and eternal punishment.

I am sorry to say it, but the church in general is not submissive to the place and work which the Lord gave her. The saints were to be a lowly company, but at present the church rebels at this idea and says, "We must hold a commanding position." "We must lead in social and political matters."

This is the error of the Roman Church. She thinks she should rule. The individual church in too many instances wants to be a "big" church rather than a spiritual church. Gideon's band still has a meaning. God's people are a little flock. They will be to the end.

The spirit of the times is opposed to submissiveness.

In 1 Peter we read, "Submit" to government servants, "submit" to masters; wives, "submit" to husbands; youth, "submit" to age, etc. But the trend is in the opposite direction. "Let everyone do as he likes." This spirit ruined Israel of old. It will ruin the nations now.

This spirit in the church produces coldness and indifference. It causes love to give out. Because of its increase the joy and gladness of the Christian life is decreasing.

When you are self-assertive, and act in independence, you miss God's approval and prevent the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the humble soul that is made fat. Because Christ hated independence. He was anointed with gladness. Because we allow unsubmissiveness to come in, we are lean. This abounding "iniquity" is a sign of the last days.