My view on Dispensationalism


I would consider myself a partial Dispensationalist.

What I do believe. I do believe that God has chosen to deal with mankind differently at different stages of his maturity. I believe that Adam was created as a perfect mature human. When Adam chose to sin, his spirit died within him and and mankind was reset from Adulthood to immaturity. Just as you wouldn't expect a 1 year old to grasp the concept that sex outside of marriage is a sin, so it was with fallen man. As mankind matured as a race (or is that species), so god's dealings with man changed to fit mankind's new abilities. Where Able had the law of forgiveness of sin can only be achieved through blood, by the time of Moses, mankind had reached the level where God could trust mankind with His Law. Still later, at the time of Christ, mankind as a species had matured to the point where concepts like "If you lust after a women, you have committed adultery and love your enemy could be comprehended because of the addition of the Holy Spirit resurrecting the dead spirit in Christian.

Even the anti-Dispensationalist believe in at least four "dispensations".  Most believers would  accept a division of Old Testament and New Testament. They would even claim a belief in a time known as the "End of the Time of the Gentiles" as well as the Millennium reign of Christ. Surly God dealt differently with the Old testament Saints then he did with the New testament Saints. Surly God God will deal differently with those living in the Millennium Kingdom. Where now we are under grace, In the Kingdom, sin will be punished and dealt with instantly.

What I reject of Psedo-Dispensationalism. I flat out reject those who have twisted this belief into the Demonic lie of Replacement Theology. God has never, nor will he ever thrown away the Jews. The fools that hold to this damnable lie hold to it in order to justify their own RACIST BIGOTRY. Like the false Christianity of the KKK, these bigots, when face with a choice of loving God or loving their racism, they choose self over salvation. God has promised to ALWAYS protect and woo his people the Israel. This infection of satanic belief has not just infected the white race, it is becoming ramped in the Black and Hispanic races as well. I work with one such black women who insisted that the Jews of today are not the Jews of Jesus' day but are merely white Europeans who pretend to be Jewish. A simple way for her to continue to hate all Jews (as well as whites) yet claim to follow a JEWISH JESUS. Is it any wonder she also rejects the Trinity, after all, once you align with Satan, all doctrine is up for grabs. I have also known Hispanics who hate Jews more then Hitler himself all while claiming to follow Jesus. I believe this stems from the influence of their Catholic past. The Catholic Church has led the ay in hatred of the Jews. Anyone who rightly believes the Bible can plainly see that God is never finished with the Jews. The last 7 years of human rule on earth known as the Great Tribulation is about one and only one thing, GOD WOOING HIS PEOPLE (God's Wife) BACK TO HIMSELF. Of course many of the Replacement Theology cult also reject the belief that the Tribulation is future. They love to cling to the Preterits or Historical view because apparently their god is too small and impotent to reveal the future. and can only write the past. BTW, this cult also are forced to reject the Book of Daniel and have to claim that the book was written long after Daniel had died. These people I pity, instead of their  God being small and impotent, they reveal that they are faithless and self-loving and can only accept a false god who is indeed a image of their own racist self.

Conclusion. I believe that dispensationalism is simple a skeleton on which we can hang history. It is not the do all bee all of theology and TRUE BELIEVERS can disagree on it's validity and let be in fellowship. Like it's sister theology of Predestination verses Free Will. Christian fellowship supersedes theses gray issues because they are not Black and White Salvation issues. Replacement Theology however is a salvation issue because it deal with ANOTHER GOSPEL FROM THE PIT OF HELL.