R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook.


Made for God

Pro 16:4; Rev 4:11;

God's purpose in creation completed by making

Gen 2:5; Gen 2:7;

Cannot profit God

Job 22:2; Psa 16:2;

Unworthy of God's favour

Job 7:17; Psa 8:4;


By God

Gen 1:27; Isa 45:12;

By Christ

Joh 1:3; Col 1:16;

By the Holy Spirit

Job 33:4;

After consultation, by the Trinity

Gen 1:26;

On the sixth day

Gen 1:31;

Upon the earth

Deu 4:32; Job 20:4;

From the dust

Gen 2:7; Job 33:6;

In the image of God

Gen 1:26; Gen 1:27; 1Co 11:7;

After the likeness of God

Gen 1:26; Jam 3:9;

Male and female

Gen 1:27; Gen 5:2;

A living soul

Gen 2:7; 1Co 15:45;

In uprightness

Ecc 7:29;

In knowledge (inferred)

Col 3:10;

Under obligations to obedience

Gen 2:16; Gen 2:17;

A type of Christ

Rom 5:14;

Approved of by God

Gen 1:31;

Blessed by God

Gen 1:28; Gen 5:2;

Placed in the garden of Eden

Gen 2:15;

Every herb and tree given to, for food

Gen 1:29;

Allowed to eat flesh after the flood

Gen 9:3;

Not good for, to be alone

Gen 2:18;

Woman formed to be a help for

Gen 2:20-25;


A Body

Mat 6:25;

A soul

Luk 12:20; Act 14:22; 1Pe 4:19;

A spirit

Pro 18:14; Pro 20:17; 1Co 2:11;


Eph 1:18; Eph 4:18;


1Co 9:17; 2Pe 1:21;


1Ch 29:3; Col 3:2;


Rom 2:15; 1Ti 4:2;


Gen 41:9; 1Co 15:2;

Made by God in his successive generations

Job 10:8-11; Job 31:15;

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Psa 139:14;

Of every nation, made of one blood

Act 17:26;

Quickened by the breath of God

Gen 2:7; Gen 7:22; Job 33:4;

Made wise by the inspiration of the Almighty

Job 32:8; Job 32:9;

Inferior to angels

Psa 8:5; Heb 2:7;

Is of the earth earthy

1Co 15:47;

Nature and constitution of, different from other creatures

1Co 15:39;

More valuable than other creatures

Mat 6:26; Mat 10:31; Mat 12:12;

Wiser than other creatures

Job 35:11;

Received dominion over other creatures

Gen 1:28; Psa 8:6-8;

Gave names to other creatures

Gen 2:19; Gen 2:20;

Intellect of, matured by age

1Co 13:11;


The potsherd of the earth

Isa 45:9;

A worm

Job 25:6;

Vain man

Job 11:12; Jam 2:20;


Gen 6:12; Joe 2:28;



Isa 40:6-8; 1Pe 1:24;

Clay in the potter's hand

Isa 64:8; Jer 18:2; Jer 18:6;


Psa 144:4;

A sleep

Psa 90:5;

A wild ass's colt

Job 11:12;

Originally naked and not ashamed

Gen 2:25;

Disobeyed God by eating part of the forbidden fruit

Gen 3:1-12;

Filled with shame after the fall

Gen 3:10;

Covered himself with fig leaves

Gen 3:7;

Clothed by God with skins

Gen 3:21;

Punished for disobedience

Gen 3:16-19;

Banished from paradise

Gen 3:23; Gen 3:24;

Involved posterity in his ruin

Rom 5:12-19;

Has sought out many inventions

Ecc 7:29;

Born in sin

Psa 51:5;

Born to trouble

Job 5:7;

Has an appointed time on the earth

Job 7:1;

Days of, compared to a shadow

1Ch 29:15;

Days of, as the days of a hireling

Job 7:1;

Has but few days

Job 14:1;

Ordinary limit of his life

Psa 90:10;

Ignorant of what is good for him

Ecc 10:2;

Ignorant of what is to come after him

Ecc 10:14;

Not profited by all his labour and travail

Ecc 2:22; Ecc 6:12;

Cannot direct his ways

Jer 10:23; Pro 20:24;

Walks in a vain show

Psa 39:6;



Psa 94:10;

Orders the goings of

Pro 5:21; Pro 20:24;

Prepares the heart of

Pro 16:1;

Enables to speak

Pro 16:1;


Job 7:20; Psa 36:6;

Provides for

Psa 145:15; Psa 145:16;

Destroys the hopes of

Job 14:19;

Makes the wrath of, to praise him

Psa 76:10;

Makes his beauty consume away

Psa 39:11;

Turns to destruction

Psa 90:3;

Cannot be just with God

Job 9:2; Job 25:4; Psa 143:2; Rom 3:20;

Cannot cleanse himself

Job 15:14; Jer 2:22;

All the ways of, clean in his own eyes

Pro 16:2;


Knew what was in

Joh 2:25;

Took on him nature of

Joh 1:14; Heb 2:14; Heb 2:16;

Made in the image of

Phi 2:7;

Was found in fashion as

Phi 2:8;

Approved of God as

Act 2:22;

Called the second, as covenant head of the church

1Co 15:47;

Is the head of every

1Co 11:3;

A refuge as, to sinners

Isa 32:2;

As such, is the cause of the resurrection

1Co 15:21; 1Co 15:22;

Shall be recompensed according to his works

Psa 62:12; Rom 2:6;

Cannot retain his spirit from death

Ecc 8:8;

Would give all his possessions for the preservation of life

Job 2:4;

Able to sustain bodily affliction

Pro 18:14;

Sinks under trouble of mind

Pro 18:14;

No trust to be placed in

Psa 118:8; Isa 2:22;

The help of, vain

Psa 60:11;

The whole duty of

Ecc 12:13;

Taken from: R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook.