The Being & Attributes of God

The Being of God

God is Spirit

God in being is a spiritual essence – God is not matter. John 4:24

God is Absolute Spirit

Aseity = in-himself-ness.  God is self-existent, self-sufficient & self-satisfying. Exodus 3:13-15

God is Personal Spirit

Person = a being that thinks, feels, & wills, and is self-conscious. Exodus 3:14

God is Life

He is the source & sustainer of all things. Joshua 3:10

God is Transcendent

God is above the natural world and is not limited by it.

God is above human comprehension.


The Attributes of God

Attribute = the perfections & qualities that are essential to an explicit conception of God

God is Unity

His solitariness in the rank of original & independent beings, and that He does not exist as an aggregate of complex or separate units. Deuteronomy 6:4

God is Omnipresent

The totality of His being, without diffusion or expansion, without multiplicity or division, God is everywhere present in His sustaining energy. Psalm 39:7-9

God is Omnipotent

He possesses all possible power. 1 Timothy 1:17; Acts 17:24

God is Omniscience

God’s perfect knowledge of all things that are objects of knowledge, whether past, present or future. Psalm 147:5

God is Immutable

There is no possibility of change either in essence or attributes, or the purpose of God. Psalm 102:25-27

God is Holy

Hebrew kadash = Separate. God is separate from all creation & is completely sinless Psalm 111:9

God is Righteous

In God’s nature is found the standard of right, and that His will and all His activities are in perfect accord with this standard. Psalm 7:9

God Is Just

The holiness of God manifesting itself in the righteous distribution of reward & punishment. Isaiah 30:18

God is Mercy

The tender quality of God’s nature, which leads Him to seek the highest good of those that oppose His, will. Exodus 34:6-7

God is Love

That perfection of the Divine Being which moves Him to complacency & delight in His intelligent creatures, and prompts Him to impart Himself to them in order to promote their highest good. 1 John 4:8


The Necessity of Knowing God

Seeking God is a command in the Bible – Psalm 46:10

Knowing God is a prerequisite to knowing ourselves – Genesis 1:27

Knowing God is foundational for knowledge – John 14:6

Knowing God is one of the benefits of eternal life – John 17:3

Knowing God promotes spiritual growth – Philippians 3:10

Knowing God precedes loving God – Matthew 22:35-38


How to Know God

By faith

By the Word of God

By desire

By involvement