Doctrines & Theology
   The Church (Ecclesiology)
     Historical Church
       The Church & Religions Family Tree
       The Great Doctrines of the Bible - The Church - By Rev. William Evans
       Christian Theology - The Christian Church by Adam Clarke
       Major Bible Themes - The Church: Her Membership By Lewis Sperry Chafer
       Major Bible Themes - The Church: Her Mission By Lewis Sperry Chafer
       The Christian Church from Studies in Christian Essentials By Harry Edward Jessop
       THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.  - From Theological Institutes by By Richard Watson
     Holiness Churches
       Timeline of American Methodistism
       Timeline of the Free Methodist Church
       A Comparison of the Articles for Religion of the Free Methodist, Wesleyan & Nazarene Churches
      Holiness Denominations and Connections
             The Wesleyan Church
             The Free Methodist Church
             The Church of the Nazarene
             The Salvation Army
             The Christian and Missionary Alliance
             The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)
             The World Gospel Mission
             Church of Christ Holiness (U.S.A.).
             The Evangelical Methodist Church
             Pilgrim Holiness Church Those that didn't merge with the Wesleyan Church
             The Congregational Holiness Church
             The Bible Methodist Connection
             Church of God (Holiness)
             Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection of Churches
             Bible Holiness Church
 The Sacraments
     General Information
       Institutions of Christianity - The Sacraments. From Theological Institutes By Richard Watson
     The Lord's Supper (Communion)
       The Sacrament Of The Lord’s Supper By Rev. Dr. William Nast
       The Passover and the Lord's Supper By Leslie M. Grant
       Christian Theology - The Lord's Supper By Adam Clarke
       The Institutions of the Church - The Lord's Supper. From Theological Institutes By Richard Watson
       Christian Theology - Baptism By Adam Clarke
       The Institutions of the Church - Baptism. From Theological Institutes By Richard Watson