The Christology of the Tabernacle

Outer Court

Courtyard walls  - Jesus
         Curtains -  Byssus (white finely spun cloth) – Sinlessness of Christ
Curtained Door – Jesus

The Significance Of The Four Basic Colors Used In The Tabernacle

Color Used In The Tabernacle

Jesus portrayed In Gospels

Four Lining Creatures (Rev. 4)

Purple – Color of Kings

Matthew – King of the Jews

Lion – King of Animals

Scarlet – Color of Blood

Mark – The Perfect Sacrifice

Bullock – Sacrificial Animal

White – Color of Purity

Luke – Sinless Son of Man

Man - Man

Blue – Color of the sky

John – God in human flesh

Eagle – Flies in the heavens

60 Pillars –  The church (we hold up Jesus to the world – 60 = 6 X 10 (6 = man) (10 = trial)
      Brass Bases - Divine Righteousness and Holiness through suffering
     Acacia wood - Christ in us
     Silver Tops – Redemption

Alter of Burnt Offerings

(The Cross & Salvation)
Acacia wood – Christ the Son of man
Brass – Divine Righteousness and Holiness through suffering
Grating -  Hottest part seen only by God – The suffering of
                 Christ on the cross – only God knows the true pain
4 Horns – 4 corners of the Earth

The Brazen Laver

(Baptism Of the Spirit & The Word)
Brass – Taken from the mirrors of the Jewish woman – The
              Bible and the Holy Spirit reflects God to us
Water – Cleansing of the Word and the Holy Spirit

The Tabernacle Proper

4 materials used to cover the Tabernacle
     Badger’s Skin – The plainness of Christ
     Rams’ Skin dyed red – The Sacrifice of Christ
     Goats’ Hair Covering – (called the tent) The incarnation of Christ
     4 Colored Cherubim Covering – The Divinity of Christ

The Table of Shewbread

(Jesus Bread of Life)
Acacia Wood – Jesus as man
Gold – Jesus as God
Bread – The Bible

The Golden Candlestick

(Jesus the Light of the World)
Gold – God
66 Parts – 66 Books of the Bible
Oil – Holy Spirit

Alter of Incense

(Jesus the Great High Priest)
 Acacia Wood – Jesus as Man
Gold – Jesus as God
Incense – Prayer to God

Ark of the Covenant

(Jesus the only way to God)
 Acacia Wood – Jesus as Man
Gold – Jesus as God
Lid – Jesus the Mercy seat
Inside the Ark
     10 Commandments – Jesus the Law giver
     Aaron’s Rod – Jesus the Resurrected One
     Manna – Jesus the Manna from Heaven

1998 Rick Swartzentrover

Clip Art Taken From: The Believer's Study Bible (c) 1994 by Craig Rairdin and Parsons Technology, Inc.