Notes for Bible Study

The Gospels and Epistles Contrasted

By W. G. Carr.

Taken from Things to Come Magazine, 1894


In the Gospels it is repent.

     In the Epistles it is believe.


In the Gospels — the Lord's prayer.

     In the Epistles — Spirit's prayer (Rom. viii. 26).


In the Gospels — take no thought.

     In the Epistles — provide things honest (Rom. xii. 17).


In the Gospels — judge not.

     In the Epistles — judge all things (1 Cor. i. 15).


In the Gospels — seek the Kingdom.

     In the Epistles — we are in it (Col. i. 13).


In the Gospels — tares grow together.

     In the Epistles — put away tares (1 Cor. v. 13).


In the Gospels — watch for the Son of man.

      In the Epistles — wait for the Lord (1 Thess. i. 10).


In the Gospels — endure to the end to be saved.

     In the Epistles — we are saved (2 Tim. i. 9).


In the Gospels — to pray for forgiveness.

     In the Epistles — we are forgiven (Eph. i. 7).


In the Gospels — to pray for the Holy Spirit.

     In the Epistles — filled with the Spirit (Eph. v. 18).


In the Gospels — strive to enter.

     In the Epistles — blessed in heavenlies (Eph. i. 3).


In the Gospels — one taken, another left.

     In the Epistles — all taken in a moment (1 Thess. iv. 16; 1 Cor. xv. 51).


In the Gospels it is command.

     In the Epistles it is led of the Spirit (Rom. viii.).


In the Gospels — the gospel of the kingdom.

     In the Epistles — the gospel of grace (Acts xx. 24).


In the Gospels — baptized for remission of sins.

     In the Epistles — baptized because forgiven (Rom. vi. 4).


In the Acts — to tarry for power.

     In the Epistles — do all things through Christ (PhiL iv. 13).


In the Gospels — ask, seek, knock.

     In the Epistles — all need supplied (Phil. iv. 19).


In the Gospels — go, teach all nations.

     In the Epistles — we edify or build up the body of Christ (1 Cor. xii. 28; Eph. iv. 11).


In the Gospels — to give to him that asketh.

     In the Epistles — give to the household of faith first.