Historical Atlas

by William R. Shepherd

Title Page


●  Physical Map of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa [p.2-3]

●  Mycenean Greece and the Orient about 1450 B.C. [p.4]

●  Mycenean Greece and the Orient about 1450 B.C. [p.4]

           Inset: Reference Map of the Nile Delta.

●  The Assyrian Empire and the Region about the Eastern Mediterranean, 750-625 B.C. [p.5]

●  Reference Map of Ancient Palestine [p.6-7]

           Insets: Plan of Jerusalem. Dominions of David and Solomon (1025-953 B.C.).

                     Palestine under the later Kings (953-722 B.C.).

                     Palestine under Joshua and the Judges (1250-1125 B.C.).

●  The Oriental Empires about 600 B.C. [p.8]

●  The Persian Empire about 500 B.C. [p.8]

●  The Beginnings of Historic Greece 700 B.C.-600 B.C. [p.8]

●  Vicinity of Troy. The Shores of the Propontis. Plan of Olympia. [p.9]

●  Reference Map of Ancient Greece. Northern Part. [p.10-11]

●  Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin, about 550 B.C. [p.12]

●  Greece at the Time of the War with Persia, 500-479 B.C. [p.13]

●  The Athenian Empire at its Height (about 450 B.C.). [p.13]

●  Reference Map of Ancient Greece. Southern Part. [p.14-15]

           Inset: Crete.

●  Reference Map of Attica. Plan of Thermopylae, 480 B.C. [p.16]

           Inset: Harbors of Athens

●  Greece at the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War (431 B.C.). [p.17]

●  Greece under Theban Headship (362 B.C.). [p.17]

●  The Macedonian Empire, 336-323 B.C. [p.18-19]

           Insets: The Aetolian and Achaian Leagues.

                      Plan of Tyre.

●  Kingdoms of the Diadochi [p.18-19]

                      After the Battle of Ipsus (301 B.C.).

                      At the Beginning of the Struggle with Rome (about 200 B.C.).

●  Reference Map of Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans [p.20]

●  Plan of Imperial Rome [p.22-23]

●  Plan of Athens [p.23]

           Inset: Plan of the Acropolis of Athens.

●  Plan of Republican Rome [p.23]

●  Plan of the Roman Forum and its Vicinity at the Time of the Republic [p.24]

●  Plan of the Imperial Forums and their Vicinity [p.24]

●  Reference Map of Ancient Italy. Northern Part. [p.26-27]

●  The Growth of Roman Power in Italy [p.29]

●  Reference Map of Ancient Italy. Southern Part [p.30-31]

           Insets: Vicinity of Naples.

                      Plan of Syracuse.

●  Rome and Carthage at the Beginning of the Second Punic War, 218 B.C. [p.32]

●  The Growth of Roman Power in Asia Minor [p.33]

                      I, after the Treaty of Apamea, 188 B.C.;

                      II, before the outbreak of the Mithradatic Wars, 90 B.C.;

                      III, as organized by Pompey, 63 B.C.

●  Territorial Expansion of Rome [p.34-35]

           Insets: Plan of Carthage.

                      Vicinity of Rome.

                      Plan of Alexandria.

●  Reference Map of the European Provinces of the Roman Empire [p.38-39]

           Insets: Gaul in the Time of Caesar.

                      The Rhine Country in Roman Times.

                      Country about the Lower Danube in Roman Times.

●  Germanic Migrations and Conquests, 150-1066 [p.45]

●  Development of Christianity to 1300 [p.46-47]

●  The Roman and Hunnic Empires about 450 [p.48]

●  Physical Map of the British Isles [p.49]

●  The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 486 [p.50]

●  Roman Britain About 410. [p.51]

●  Settlements of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain about 600 [p.51]

●  The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 526 [p.52]

●  Europe and the East Roman Empire, 533-600 [p.52]

●  The Califate in 750 [p.53]

●  Growth of Frankish Power, 481-814 [p.53]

●  The Carolingian and Byzantine Empires and the Califate about 814 [p.54-55]

           Inset: Northern Austrasia about 814.

●  Disruption of the Carolingian Empire, 843-888 [p.56]

●  The Peoples of Europe about 900 [p.57]

●  Europe and the Byzantine Empire about 1000 [p.58-59]

●  The British Isles about 802 [p.60]

●  England after 886 (99K) [p.60]

●  The Shires of England in the Tenth Century (99K) [p.60]

●  France about 1035 [p.61]

●  Central Europe, 919-1125 [p.62-63]

●  Italy about 1050 [p.64]

           Inset: The Patrimony of St. Peter.

●  Dominions of Cnut, 1014-1035 [p.64]

●  Dominions of William the Conqueror about 1087 [p.65]

●  Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1097 [p.66-67]

           Inset: Europe and the Mediterranean Lands by Religions about 1097.

●  Asia Minor and the States of the Crusaders in Syria, about 1140 [p.68]

           Insets: Palestine. Plan of Jerusalem about 1187.

●  France, 1154-1184 [p.69]

           Inset: Domain, Fiefs and Suzerains of the Count of Champagne in the

                      Twelfth Century.

●  Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1190 [p.70-71]

           Inset: Guelf, Hohenstaufen and Ascanian Domains in Germany about 1176.

●  The Holy Roman Empire under the Hohenstaufen, 1138-1254 [p.72]

●  The Mediterranean Lands after 1204 [p.73]

●  The British Isles about 1300 [p.74]

●  Plan of London about 1300 [p.75]

●  Vicinity of London, 1200-1600 [p.75]

●  France in 1328 [p.76]

           Inset: The Chief Wool-raising Districts of England and Wool-manufacturing

                    Towns of Flanders, Artois and Brabant.

●  Europe in 1360 [p.77]

●  Central Europe in 1378 [p.78-79]

           Inset: Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia.

●  Spread of German Settlements to the Eastward, 800-1400 [p.80]

           Inset: The March of Lusatia.

●  The Great Schism, 1378-1417 [p.81]

●  France in 1453 [p.81]

●  Spain, 910-1492 [p.82-83]

                      Spain in 910.

                      Spain in 1037.

                      Spain in 1150.

                      Spain 1212-1492.

●  England and France, 1455-1494 [p.84]

●  Decline of the March of Brandenburg under the Houses of Wittelsbach and Luxemburg, 1320-1415 [p.85]

●  The Wettin Lands, 1221-1485 [p.85]

           Inset: Temporary break-up of the Wettin Lands about 1300.

●  Central Europe about 1477 [p.86-87]

●  Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region, 1380-1560 [p.88]

●  The Byzantine Empire in 1265 [p.89]

                      The Byzantine Empire, 1265-1355.

                      The Byzantine Empire in 1265.

●  The Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Turks in 1355 [p.89]

                      The Byzantine Empire, 1265-1355.

                      The Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Turks in 1355.

●  Italy about 1494 [p.90]

           Insets: The Milanese under the Visconti, 1339-1402.

                      The Republic of Florence, 1300-1494.

●  The Swiss Confederation, 1291-1513 [p.91]

●  The Mongol Dominions, 1300-1405 [p.92]

●  The Ottoman Empire, 1451-1481. Constantinople [p.93]

●  Ecclesiastical Map of Western Europe in the Middle Ages [p.94-95]

           Inset: Vicinity of Naples.

●  Plan of Rome in the Middle Ages [p.96]

●  The Roman Suburbicarian (Cardinal) Bishoprics about the 12th Century [p.96]

●  Ecclesiastical Map of the British Isles in the Middle Ages [p.97]

●  Mediaeval Commerce (Europe) [p.98-99]

           Insets: England.

                      Hanseatic League in Northern Germany.

●  Mediaeval Universities [p.100]

●  Rural Deaneries [p.100]

                      Part of the bishopric of Winchester showing rural deaneries and

                      religious houses during the Middle Ages.

●  Ground Plan of a Monastery (St.Gall, Switzerland) [p.101]

●  Mediaeval Commerce (Asia) [p.102-103]

           Inset: India.

●  Plan of a Mediaeval Manor [p.104]

●  The West Indies and Central America, 1492-1525 [p.105]

           Inset: Watling's Island.

●  The Conquest of Mexico, 1519 - 1521 [p.106]

●  The Age of discovery 1340-1600 [p.107-108]

●  The Conquest of Peru, 1531 - 1533 [p.111]

●  The Portuguese Colonial Dominions in India and the Malay Archipelago, 1498-1580 [p.112]

●  The Imperial Circles about 1512 [p.113]

●  Central Europe about 1547 [p.114-115]

           Insets: Principality of Orange.

                      Wettin Lands, 1485-1554.

●  The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560 [p.116]

                      The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1560.

                      The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560.

●  The Netherlands 1559-1609 [p.117]

●  Europe about 1560 [p.118-119]

●  The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1618 [p.120]

●  Sweden about 1658 [p.120]

●  Principal Seats of War in Europe, I. 1618-1660 [p.121]

●  Treaty of the Pyrenees 1659 [p.121]

                      Treaty Adjustments, 1648-1660.

                      Treaty of Pyrenees, 1659;

                      Peace of Roeskilde-Oliva, 1658, 1660

●  Treaty of Westphalia 1648 [p.121]

                      Treaty Adjustments, 1648-1660.

                      Treaty of Westphalia 1648.

●  Central Europe about 1648 [p.122-123]

●  The Ottoman Empire, 1481-1683 [p.124]

●  Principal Seats of War in Europe, II. 1672-1699 [p.125]

●  Treaty Adjustments, 1668-1699 [p.125]

                      Treaties of Aix-la-Chapelle, Nimwegen, St. Germain, Ryswick, Carlowitz.

●  Extension of the French Frontiers, 1601-1766 [p.126]

●  The British Isles, 1603-1688 [p.127]

●  The Spread of Colonization, 1600-1700 [p.128]

           Insets: Partition of Guiana and the West Indies.


                      The Establishment of Dutch Power in the Malay Archipelago, 1602-1641.

                      Guinea Coast.

●  Principal Seats of War in Europe, III. 1700-1721 [p.129]

●  Europe about 1740 [p.130-131]

           Inset: The Growth of Savoy, 1418-1748.

●  Principal Seats of War, IV. 1740-1763 [p.132]

           Insets: Spain.

                      West Africa.

                      West Indies.



●  Treaty Adjustments, 1713-1763 [p.133]

                      Treaties of Utrecht, Rastatt, Baden, Stockholm, Frederiksborg, Nystad,

                      Passarowitz, Vienna, Belgrade, Breslau, Dresden, Aix-la-Chapelle, Paris,


         Insets: Acadia and Newfoundland.

                      Eastern North America.

●  Central Europe about 1786 [p.134-135]

●  The Struggle for Colonial Dominion, 1700-1763 [p.136]

           Insets: The West Indies, 1700-1763.

                      Cook's Voyages in the Southern Pacific.

●  India, 1700-1792 [p.137]

●  The Growth of Russia in Europe, 1300-1796 [p.138-139]

●  Typical German States Before and since the French Revolution: I. Baden [p.142]

           Insets: The County of Sponheim.

                      Lordship of Gravenstein.

                      Baden since 1801.

●  Typical German States Before and since the French Revolution: II. Wurtemberg [p.143]

           Insets: County of Horburg and Lordship of Reichenweier.

                      Principality-County of Montbeliard.

                      Wurtemberg since 1495.

●  France in 1789:

           The "Gouvernements"The Generalities or Intendancies

           The Salt TaxLaws and Courts[p.146-147]

●  Ecclesiastical Map of France, 1789 and 1802 [p.148]

●  France in 1791 [p.148]

●  Plans of Paris and Versailles [p.149]

●  Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt, 1798 [p.150]

●  Northern Italy, 1796 (for the campaigns of 1796-1805) [p.150]

●  Germany and Italy in 1803 [p.151]

●  Germany and Italy in 1806 [p.151]

●  Treaty Adjustments, 1801-1812 [p.152]

           Insets: India.

                      Cape Colony.

●  Principal Seats of War, V. 1788-1815 [p.153]

           Insets: India. Egypt.

                      Napoleon's Campaign in Russia, 1812.

●  Central Europe in 1812 [p.154-155]

           Inset: Europe in 1812.

●  Plan of the Battle of Waterloo [p.156]

●  Plan of the Waterloo Campaign, June 16-18, 1815 [p.156]

●  Treaty adjustments, 1814,1815 [p.157]

           Inset: Fortresses along the French Frontier.

●  Central Europe, 1815-1866 [p.158-159]

●  The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871 [p.160]

                      I. Rise of the German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) up to 1834.

                      II. The German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) after 1834.

●  The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871 [p.161]

                      III. The North German Federation and the German Empire 1866-1871.

●  The Unification of Italy, 1815-1870 [p.161]

●  Industrial England since 1750 [p.162]

●  England and Wales in 1832 [p.163]

●  Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire since 1683 [p.164]

           Insets: Southwestern Crimea, 1854.

                      Plan of Sevastopol, 1854-1855.

●  Distibution of Races in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor [p.165]

●  Europe, 1871-1914 [p.166-167]

●  Distribution of Races in Former Austria-Hungary [p.168]

●  Europe in 1924 [p.168B-168C]

●  The Growth of European and Japanese Dominions in Asia since 1801 [p.170-171]

           Inset: Vicinity of Peking.

●  Australia and New Zealand, 1788-1911 [p.172]

●  The Partition of Africa [p.174-175]

           Insets: The Suez Canal and Lower Egypt.

                      The Boer Republics till 1902.

●  Distribution of the Principal European Languages in 1914 [p.176]

●  Distribution of Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and Negroes [p.177]

●  Colonies, Dependencies and Trade Routes [p.179-182]

●  Localities in Western Europe connected with American History [p.184]

●  Localities in England connected with American History [p.185]

●  Physical Map of North America [p.186-187]

●  The Indians in the United States [p.188]

●  Reference Map of the New England Colonies, 1607-1760 [p.189]

           Insets: Rhode Island.

                      Vicinity of Boston.

                      Vicinity of New York.

●  European Exploration and Settlement in the United States, 1513-1776 [p.190-191]

           Inset: Principal English Grants, 1606-1665.

●  Reference Map of the Middle Colonies, 1607-1760 [p.192]

           Inset: Settlements on the Delaware River.

●  Reference Map of the Southern Colonies, 1607-1760 [p.193]

           Insets: Settlements on the James River.

                      The Georgian Coast.

●  The British Colonies in North America, 1763-1775 [p.194]

           Inset: Middle Colonies.

●  Campaigns of the American Revolution, 1775-1781 [p.195]

           Inset: The West and South, 1778-1781.

●  The United States, 1783-1803 [p.196]

           Insets: The State of Franklin, 1784-1788.

                      Early distribution of the Public Lands (Ohio).

●  Territorial Expansion of the United States since 1803 [p.198-199]

           Insets: Alaska. Hawaii. Guam. Samoa Islands.

                      Wake Island. Midway Island. Porto Rico.

                      The Philippine Islands.

●  Campaigns of the War of 1812 [p.200]

           Campaigns of the War of 1812.

           The Southwest.

           Vicinity of Washington in 1814.

●  Campaigns of the Mexican War, 1846-1847 [p.201]

           Inset: Route from Vera Cruz to Mexico.

●  The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803 (1MB) [p.202-203]




                      IV. Since 1855.

●  Slavery and the Staple Agricultural Products in the Southern States, 1790-1860 [p.204]

●  Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, 1777-1865 [p.206-207]

           Inset: The Region South of the Great Lakes.

●  Seat of the Civil War, 1861-1865 [p.208]

           Inset: Vicinity of Gettysburg.

●  Westward Development of the United States [p.210-211]

●  Canada and Newfoundland [p.212]

           Inset: The Arbitration Boundary between Canada and Alaska.

●  Mexico, Central America and the West Indies [p.213]

           Inset: Central Mexico.

●  South America [p.214-215]

           Inset: South America about 1790.

●  The Panama Canal [p.216]

                      The Canal Zone.

                      Profile of the Canal.

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