Posted: June 19, 2024 - By the HolyPig

My View on the Jew and those Soulless Morons that Hate Israel


If you hate Israel,

     You hate Jews.


If you hate Jews,

     You hate the Jewish Jesus.


If you hate the Jewish Jesus,

     You hate God the Father who calls Israel HIS WIFE.


If you hate Jews, the Jewish Jesus, and The Father,

     You will really hate Heaven because in the Last Days, ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED.

          (Remember, during the 1000 Year Reign of Christ on Earth,  the Jews will own the Earth and the Sacrificial System will be reestablished at Jerusalem)


In other words, if you Hate Jews and the only Jewish Nation that God will return to save, YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN!


No Christian who has the Holy Spirit will be allowed by that Holy Spirit to hate the WIFE of GOD THE FATHER. That person would be the most convicted person on Earth because the Holy Spirit i.e. the Hound of Heaven, would hound that person until they repented.


So if you actually claim to be a Christian, and by that I mean one who lives by the Scriptures and loves (AGAPE) Christ with all you have and you hate Israel  that God loves or the Jews that God loves than you need to seriously get your act together and repent and beg God's forgiveness or Hell awaits you.





If you don't agree with this belief, feel free to leave my site because let's face it, you really don't care what the Bible says anyway!