Judas Thaddaeus

Smith's Bible Dictionary


Jude. Jude or Ju'das, called also Lebbaeus, and Thaddeus, Authorized Version, "Judas, the brother of James," one of the twelve apostles. The name of Jude occurs only once in the Gospel narrative. Joh_14:22; Mat_10:3; Mar_3:18; Luk_6:16; Joh_14:22; Act_1:13. Nothing is certainly known of the later history of the apostle. Tradition connects him with the foundation of the church at Edessa.

Thadde'us. One of the twelve apostles. Mat_10:3; Mar_3:18. From a comparison, with the catalogue of St. Luke, Luk_6:16; Act_1:13, it seems scarcely possible to doubt that the three names, of Judas, Lebbeus, and Thaddeus were borne by one and the same person. See Jude.


Taken from: Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith (1884)