Nave's Topics


1. The Baptist:

Prophecies concerning

Isa_40:3; Mal_4:5-6; Luk_1:11-17

Miraculous birth of

Luk_1:11-20; Luk_1:57-65

Dwells in the desert

Mat_3:1; Mar_1:4; Luk_1:80; Luk_3:2-3

Mission of

Mat_17:11; Mar_1:2-8; Luk_1:15-17; Luk_1:76-79; Luk_3:4-6; Joh_1:7-8; Joh_1:15; Joh_1:22-28; Joh_1:31-34; Joh_5:32-35; Act_13:24-25; Act_19:4

Ministry of

Mat_3:1-3; Mar_1:4; Luk_3:2-3; Joh_1:6-8

His influence upon the public mind

Mat_3:5-6; Mat_14:5; Mat_21:32; Mar_1:5; Mar_11:32; Luk_3:7; Luk_3:15; Luk_20:6; Joh_1:35-40

Testifies to the messiahship of Jesus

Mat_3:11-12; Mar_1:7-8; Luk_3:16-17; Joh_1:15; Joh_1:26-36; Joh_3:23-36; Joh_5:32-33; Joh_10:41; Act_13:25

Teaches his disciples:

To pray


To fast


The baptism which he taught

See Baptism

Baptizes Jesus

Mat_3:13-16; Mar_1:9-11; Luk_3:21-22; Joh_1:32

The testimony of Jesus concerning

Joh_5:32-35; Mat_17:12-13; Mat_21:32; Mar_9:13; Mat_11:7-19; Luk_7:24-33

His ministry not attested by miracles


Reproves Herod on account of his incest; Herod imprisons him; beheads him

Mat_4:12; Mat_14:1-12; Mar_6:16-29; Mar_9:13; Luk_3:18-20

Sends two disciples to Jesus

Mat_11:2-6; Luk_7:18-23

Herod falsely supposes Jesus to be

Mat_14:1-2; Mat_16:14; Mar_6:14; Mar_6:16; Luk_9:19

Character of

Mar_6:20; Joh_5:35

Jesus discourses upon

Mat_11:7-19; Luk_7:24-33

Affected probably by the doctrines of the stoics

Mat_11:18; Mar_1:6; Luk_1:80

A Nazarite

Mat_11:18; Luk_1:15; Luk_7:33

2. The Apostle:

Intimately associated with Jesus

Joh_13:23-26; Joh_21:20

Is present when Jesus performs the following miracles:

Healing of Peter's mother-in-law

Mat_8:14-15; Mar_1:30-31; Luk_4:38-39

Raising of the daughter of Jairus

Mar_5:37; Luk_8:51

The two draughts of fishes

Luk_5:10; Joh_21:1-7


Mat_17:1; Mar_9:2; Luk_9:28

Is present with Jesus in the garden

Mat_26:37; Mar_14:33; Luk_22:39

Intolerance of

Mar_9:38; Luk_9:49-50; Luk_9:54-56

Civil ambitions of

Mat_20:20-24; Mar_10:35-41

Prepares the Passover

Mat_26:18-19; Mar_14:13-16; Luk_22:8-13


At the trial of Jesus before the high priest


At the crucifixion


At the sepulcher


When Jesus manifested Himself at the Sea of Galilee

John 21

With Peter in the temple


Dwells in Jerusalem


Is entrusted with the care of Mary, mother of Jesus


Imprisoned by the rulers of the Jews

Acts 4:1-19

Sent by the church with the commission to Samaria


A pillar of the church


Writes to the churches

1 John 1-5; 2Jo_1:1-13; 3Jo_1:1-14

Writes his apocalyptic vision from Patmos


Prophecy concerning


3. A kinsman of Annas the high priest


4. Whose surname was Mark

See Mark


Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)