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(an' dreew) A disciple of John the Baptist who became one of Jesus' first disciples and led his brother Simon to Jesus. Because of John the Baptist's witness concerning Jesus, Andrew followed Jesus to His overnight lodging and became one of His first disciples. Subsequently Andrew brought his brother Simon to Jesus (John 1:40-41). He was a fisherman by trade (Matthew 4:18). He questioned Jesus about His prophesy concerning the Temple (Mark 13:3). Andrew brought the lad with his lunch to Jesus, leading to the feeding of the five thousand (John 6:8). He and Philip brought some Greeks to see Jesus (John 12:22). In the Bible, he is mentioned for the last time in Acts 1:13. He figures prominently in several early extra-biblical church traditions. He is believed to have been killed on an x-shaped cross. See Apostles; Disciples.


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