Non-Biblical Books Mentioned in the Bible



Book of the Wars of the Lord

Numbers 21:14

Book of Yashar (the Upright)

Joshua 10:13,  II Samuel 1:18

The Records of the Chronicles of King David

I Chronicles 27:24

The Book of the Kings of Israel & Judah

II Chronicles 27:7; 35:27; 36:8

The Book of the Kings of Judah & Israel

II Chronicles 16:11; 25:26; 28:26; 32:32

The Book of the Kings of Israel

I Chronicles 9:1,2; II Chronicles 20:34

The Commentary on the Book of Kings

II Chronicles 24:27

The Words of the Kings of Israel

II Chronicles 33:18

The Decree of David the King of Israel & the Decree of Solomon his Son

II Chronicles 35:4

The Words of Samuel the Seer

I Chronicles 29:29

The Words of Nathan the Prophet

I Chronicles 29:29; II Chronicles 9:29

The Words of Gad the Seer

I Chronicles 29:29

The Prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite

II Chronicles 9:29

The Visions of Iddo the Seer

II Chronicles 9:29; 12:15; 13:22

The Words of Shemaiah the Prophet

II Chronicles 12:15

The Words of Jehu the Son of Hanani

II Chronicles 20:34

The Deeds of Uzziah by Isaiah the Prophet

II Chronicles 26:22; 32:32

The Chronicles of Hozai (the Seer)

II Chronicles 33:19