Smith's Bible Dictionary


Uzzi'ah. (strength of Jehovah).

1. King of Judah B.C. 809-8 to 757-6. In some passages, his name appears in the lengthened form Azariah: After the murder of Amaziah, his son Uzziah was chosen by the people, at the age of sixteen, to occupy the vacant throne; and for the greater part of his long reign of fifty-two years, he lived in the fear of God, and showed himself a wise, active and pious ruler. He never deserted the worship of the true God, and was much influenced by Zechariah, a prophet who is mentioned only in connection with him. 2Ch_26:5.

So the southern kingdom was raised to a condition of prosperity which it had not known since the death of Solomon. The end of Uzziah was less prosperous than his beginning. Elated with his splendid career, he determined to burn incense on the altar of God, but was opposed by the high priest Azariah and eighty others. See Exo_30:7-8; Num_16:40; Num_18:7.

The king was enraged at their resistance, and, as he pressed forward with his censer, he was suddenly smitten with leprosy. This lawless attempt to burn incense was the only exception to the excellence of his administration. 2Ch_27:2. Uzziah was buried "with his fathers," yet apparently not actually in the royal sepulchres. 2Ch_26:23. During his reign, a great earthquake occurred. Amo_1:1; Zec_14:5.

2. A Kohathite Levite, and ancestor of Samuel. 1Ch_6:24.

3. A priest of the sons of Harim, who had taken a foreign wife in the days of Ezra. Ezr_10:21. (B.C. 458).

4. Father of Athaiah or Uthai. Neh_11:4.

5. Father of Jehonathan, one of David's overseers. 1Ch_27:25. (B.C. about 1053).


Taken from: Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith (1884)