Smith's Bible Dictionary


Na'dab. (liberal).

1. The eldest son of Aaron and Elisheba. Exo_6:23; Num_3:2. (B.C. 1490). He, his father and brother, and seventy old men of Israel were led out, from the midst of the assembled people, Exo_24:1, and were commended to stay and worship God "afar off," below the lofty summit of Sinai, where Moses alone was to come near to the Lord.

Subsequently, Lev_10:1, Nadab and his brother were struck dead, before the sanctuary, by fire from the Lord. Their offence was kindling the incense in their censers with "strange" fire, that is, not taken from that which burned perpetually, Lev_6:13, on the altar.

2. King Jeroboam's son, who succeeded to the throne of Israel, B.C. 954, and reigned two years. 1Ki_15:25-31. At the siege of Gibbethon, a conspiracy broke out in the midst of the army, and the king was slain by Baasha, a man of Issachar.

3. A son of Shammai 1Ch_2:28 of the tribe of Judah.

4. A son of Gibeon, 1Ch_8:30; 1Ch_9:36, of the tribe of Benjamin.


Taken from: Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith (1884)