Smith's Bible Dictionary


Jesh'ua. (a saviour). Another form of the name of Joshua or Jesus.

1. Joshua, the son of Nun. Neh_8:17. See Joshua.

2. A priest, in the reign of David, to whom the nine course fell by David, to whom the ninth course fell by lot. 1Ch_24:11. (B.C. 1014).

3. One of the Levites, in the reign of Hezekiah. 2Ch_31:15. (B.C. 726).

4. Son of Jehozadak, first high priest, after the Babylonish captivity, B.C. 536. Jeshua was probably born in Babylon, whither his father, Jehozadak, had been taken captive while young. 1Ch_6:15. Authorized Version. He came up from Babylon, in the first year of Cyrus, with Zerubbabel, and took a leading part with him, in the rebuilding of the Temple, and the restoration of the Jewish commonwealth. The two prophecies concerning him in Zec_3:1 and Zec_6:9-15, point him out, as an eminent type of Christ.

5. Head of a Levitical house, one of those which returned from the Babylonish captivity. Ezr_2:40; Ezr_3:9; Neh_3:19; Neh_8:7; Neh_9:4-5; Neh_12:8; etc.

6. A branch of the family of Pahath-moab, one of the chief families, probably, of the tribe of Judah. Neh_10:14; Neh_7:11; etc.; Ezr_10:30.

(whom Jehovah helps).

7. One of the towns, reinhabited by the people of Judah, after the return from captivity. Neh_11:26. It is not mentioned elsewhere.


Taken from: Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith (1884)