Smith's Bible Dictionary


Ab'don. (servile).

1. A judge of Israel, Jdg 12:13; Jdg 12:15 perhaps the same person as Bedan, in 1Sa 12:11. (B.C. 1233-1225).

2. Son of Shashak. 1Ch 8:23.

3. First-born son of Jehiel, son of Gideon. 1Ch 8:30; 1Ch 9:35-36.

4. Son of Micah, a contemporary of Josiah, 2Ch 34:20, called Achbor in 2Ki 22:12. (B.C. 628).

5. A city in the tribe if Asher, given to the Gershonites, Jos 21:30; 1Ch 6:74, the modern Abdeh, 10 miles northeast of Accho.


Taken from: Smith's Bible Dictionary by Dr. William Smith (1884)