Nave's Topics


1. King of Judah:

Made king of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar

2Ki_24:17-18; 1Ch_3:15; 2Ch_36:10; Jer_37:1

Throws off his allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar

2Ki_24:20; 2Ch_36:13; Jer_52:3; Eze_17:12-21

Forms an alliance with the king of Egypt


The allegiance denounced:

By Jeremiah

2Ch_36:12; Jer_21:1-14; Jer_24:8-10; Jer_27:12-22; Jer_32:3-5; Jer 34; Jer_37:7-10; Jer_37:17; Jer_38:14-28

By Ezekiel

Eze_12:10-16; Eze_17:12-21

Imprisons Jeremiah on account of his denunciations

Jer_32:2-3; Jer_37:15-21; Jer 38:5-28

Seeks the intercession of Jeremiah with God in his behalf

Jer_21:1-3; Jer_37:3; Jer_38:14-27

Wicked reign of

2Ki_24:19-20; 2Ch_36:12-13; Jer_37:2; Jer_38:5; Jer_38:19; Jer_38:24-26; Jer_52:2

Nebuchadnezzar destroys the city and temple, takes him captive to Babylon, blinds his eyes, slays his sons

2Ki_25:1-10; 2Ch_36:17-20; Jer_1:3; Jer_32:1-2; Jer_39:1-10; Jer_51:59; Jer 52:4-30

2. Grandson of Jehoiakim


3. A false prophet


4. A prince of Judah


5. A false prophet:

Prophesies to Ahab victory over the Syrians, instead of defeat

1Ki_22:11; 2Ch_18:10

Smites Micaiah, the true prophet

1Ki_22:24; 2Ch_18:23

Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)