Nave's Topics



Miraculous birth of

1Sa 1:7-20

Consecrated to God before his birth

1Sa 1:11; 1Sa 1:22; 1Sa 1:24-28

His mother's song of thanksgiving

1Sa 2:1-10

Ministered in the house of God

1Sa 2:11; 1Sa 2:18-19

Blessed of God

1Sa 2:21; 1Sa 3:19

His vision concerning the house of Eli

1 Sam 3:1-18

A prophet of the Israelites

1Sa 3:20-21; 1Sa 4:1

A judge of Israel, his judgment seat at Bethel, Gilgal, Mizpeh, and Ramah

1Sa 7:15-17

Organizes the tabernacle service

1Ch 9:22; 1Ch 26:28; 2Ch 35:18

Israelites repent under his reproofs and admonitions

1Sa 7:4-6

The Philistines defeated through his intercession and sacrifices

1Sa 7:7-14

Makes his corrupt sons judges in Israel

1Sa 8:1-3

People desire a king; he protests

1 Sam 8:4-22

Anoints Saul king of Israel

1 Sam 9-10

Renews the kingdom of Saul

1Sa 11:12-15

Reproves Saul; foretells that his kingdom shall not be established

1Sa 13:11-15; 1 Sam 15

Anoints David to be king

1 Sam 16

Shelters David when escaping from Saul

1Sa 19:18

Death of; the lament for him

1Sa 25:1

Called up by the witch of Endor

1 Sam 28:3-20

His integrity as judge and ruler

1Sa 12:1-5; Psa 99:6; Jer 15:1; Heb 11:32

Chronicles of

1Ch 29:29

Sons of

1Ch 6:28; 1Ch 6:33

Called Shemuel

1Ch 6:33

Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)