Nave's Topics


1. David's recorder

2Sa_8:16; 2Sa_20:24; 1Ki_4:3; 1Ch_18:15

2. One of Solomon's commissariat officers


3. King of Judah

Succeeds Asa

1Ki_15:24; 1Ki_22:41; 1Ch_3:10; 2Ch_17:1; Mat_1:8

Strengthens himself against Israel


Inaugurates a system of public instruction in the law


His wise reign

1Ki_22:43; 2Ch_17:7-9; 2Ch_19:3-11

His system of tribute


His military forces and armament


Joins Ahab in an invasion of Ramothgilead

1 Kin 22; 2 Chr 18

Rebuked by the prophet Jehu


The allied forces of the Amorites, Moabites, and other tribes invade his territory, and are defeated by

2 Chr 20

Builds ships for commerce with Tarshish, ships are destroyed

1Ki_22:48-49; 2Ch_20:35-37

Joins Jehoram, king of Israel, in an invasion of the land of Moab, defeats the Moabites

2 Kin 3

Makes valuable gifts to the temple


Death of

1Ki_22:50; 2Ch_21:1

Religious zeal of

1Ki_22:43; 1Ki_22:46; 2Ch_17:1-9; 2Ch_19:1-11; 2 Chr 20:1-32; 2Ch_22:9

Prosperity of

1Ki_22:45; 1Ki_22:48; 2 Chr 17-20

Bequests of, to his children


4. Father of Jehu

2Ki_9:2; 2Ki_9:14

5. A priest who assisted in bringing the ark from Obededom


6. A valley, called Valley of Decision

Joe_3:2; Joe_3:12; Joe_3:14

Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)