Nave's Topics


King of Judah and successor to Jehoiakim

2Ki_24:6-8; 2Ch_36:8-9

Called Jeconiah

1Ch_3:16; Jer_24:1

Called Coniah

Jer_22:24; Jer_37:1

Wicked reign of

2Ki_24:9; 2Ch_36:9

Nebuchadnezzar invades his kingdom, takes him captive to Babylon

2Ki_24:10-16; 2Ch_36:10; Est_2:6; Jer_27:20; Jer_29:1-2; Eze_1:2

Confined in prison thirty-seven years


Released from prison by Evilmerodach, and promoted above other kings, and honored until death

2Ki_25:27-30; Jer_52:31-34

Prophecies concerning

Jer_22:24-30; Jer_28:4

Sons of


Ancestor of Jesus


Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)