Nave's Topics


Called also Esaias.

History of:

Son of Amos


Prophesies in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah

Isa_1:1; Isa_6:1; Isa_7:1; Isa_7:3; Isa_14:27; Isa_20:1; Isa_36:1; Isa_38:1; Isa_39:1

Prophesies at the time of the invasion by Tartan, of Assyria


Symbolically wears sackcloth, and walks barefoot, as a sign to Israel


Comforts and encourages Hezekiah and the people in the siege of Jerusalem by Rab-shakeh

2 Kin 18-19; Isa_37:6-7

Comforts Hezekiah in his affliction

2Ki_20:1-11; Isa 38

Performs the miracle of the returning shadow to confirm Hezekiah's faith


Reproves Hezekiah's folly in exhibiting his resources to the commissioners from Babylon

2Ki_20:12-19; Isa_39:1-8

Is chronicler of the times of Uzziah and Hezekiah

2Ch_26:22; 2Ch_32:32

Prophecies, reproofs, and Exhortations of:

Foretells punishment of the Jews for idolatry, and reproves self-confidence and distrust of God


Foretells the destruction of the Jews

Isa 3

Promises to the remnant restoration of divine favor

Isa_4:2-6; Isa_6:1-13

Delineates in the parable of the vineyard the ingratitude of the Jews, and reproves it


Denounces existing corruptions

Isa 5:8-30

Foretells the ill success of the plot of the Israelites and Syrians against Judah

Isa 7:1-16

Denounces calamities against Israel and Judah

Isa_7:16-25; Isa_9:2-6

Foretells prosperity under Hezekiah, and the manifestation of the Messiah


Denounces vengeance upon the enemies of Israel


Denounces the wickedness of Israel, and foretells the judgments of God


Denounces judgments against false prophets


Foretells the destruction of Sennacherib's armies

Isa 10:5-34

Foretells the restoration of Israel and the triumph of the Messiah's kingdom

Isa 11

The burden of Babylon

Isa 13; Isa 14:1-28

Denunciation against the Philistines

Isa 14:9-32

Burden of Moab

Isa 15-16

Burden of Damascus


Obscure prophecy, supposed by some authorities to be directed against the Assyrians, by others against the Egyptians, and by others against the Ethiopians


The burden of Egypt

Isa 19-20

Denunciations against Babylon


Prophecy concerning:





The conquest of Jerusalem, the captivity of Shebna, and the promotion of Eliakim

Isa 22:1-22

The overthrow of Tyre

Isa 23

The judgments upon the land, but that a remnant of the Jews would be saved

Isa 25-27

Reproves Ephraim for his wickedness, and foretells the destruction by Shalmaneser


Declares the glory of God upon the remnant who are saved


Exposes the corruptions in Jerusalem and exhorts to repentance

Isa 28:7-29

Foretells the invasion of Sennacherib, the distress of the Jews, and the destruction of the Assyrian army


Denounces the hypocrisy of the Jews


Promises a reformation


Reproves the people for their confidence in Egypt, and their contempt of God

Isa 30:1-17; Isa_31:1-6

Declares the goodness and longsuffering of God toward them

Isa_30:18-26; Isa 32-35

Reproves the Jews for their spiritual blindness and infidelity


Promises ultimate restoration of the Jews


Foretells the ultimate destruction of Babylon

Isa_43:14-17; Isa_47:1-15

Exhorts the people to repent


Comforts the church with promises, exposes the folly of idolatry, and their future deliverance from captivity by Cyrus

Isa 44; Isa_45:1-5; Isa_48:20

Foretells the conversion of the Gentiles, and triumph of the gospel

Isa 45:5-25

Denounces the evils of idolatry


Reproves the Jews for their idolatries and other wickedness

Isa 48

Exhorts to sanctification


Foretells calamities to Judah

Isa 57-59

Foreshadows the person and the kingdom of the Messiah

Isa 32-35; Isa 42; Isa 45; Isa 49-56; Isa_59:15-21; Isa 60-66

Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)