Nave's Topics


1. King of Judah:

General references

2Ki_16:20; 2Ki_18:1-2; 1Ch_3:13; 2Ch_29:1; Mat_1:9

Religious zeal of

2 Chr 29-31

Purges the nation of idolatry

2Ki_18:4; 2Ch_31:1; 2Ch_33:3

Restores the true forms of worship

2 Chr 31:2-21

His piety

2Ki_18:3; 2Ki_18:5-6; 2Ch_29:2; 2Ch_31:20-21; 2Ch_32:32; Jer_26:19

Military operations of

2Ki_18:19; 1Ch_4:39-43; 2 Chr 32; Isa 36-37

Sickness and restoration of

2Ki_20:1-11; 2Ch_32:24; Isa_38:1-8

His psalm of thanksgiving


His lack of wisdom in showing his resources to commissioners of Babylon

2Ki_20:12-19; 2Ch_32:25-26; 2Ch_32:31; Isa_39:1-8

Prospered of God

2Ki_18:7; 2Ch_32:27-30

Conducts the brook Gihon into Jerusalem

2Ki_18:17; 2Ki_20:20; 2Ch_32:4; 2Ch_32:30; 2Ch_33:14; Neh_2:13-15; Neh_3:13; Neh_3:16; Isa_7:3; Isa_22:9-11; Isa_36:2

Scribes of


Death and burial of

2Ki_20:21; 2Ch_32:33

Prophecies concerning

2Ki_19:20-34; 2Ki_20:5-6; 2Ki_20:16-18; Isa_38:5-8; Isa_39:5-7; Jer_26:18-19

2. Son of Neariah


3. One of the exiles

General references

Ezr_2:16; Neh_7:21

Called Hizkijah


Taken from: Nave's Topics were originally produced by Orville J. Nave (1841-1917)