Zephaniah - zef-a-nīŽa

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia


 (צפניה, cephanyāh, צפניהוּ, cephanyāhū, “Yah hath treasured”):

(1) The prophet. See ZEPHANIAH, BOOK OF.

(2) A Levite or priest (1Ch_6:36 (Hebrew 6:21)), called in some genealogies “Uriel” (1Ch_6:24; 1Ch_15:5, 1Ch_15:11).

(3) Judean father or fathers of various contemporaries of Zechariah, the prophet (Zec_6:10, Zec_6:14).

(4) A priest, the second in rank in the days of Jeremiah. He was a leader of the “patriotic” party which opposed Jeremiah. Nevertheless, he was sent to the prophet as a messenger of King Zedekiah when Nebuchadnezzar was about to attack the city (Jer_21:1) and at other crises (Jer_37:3; compare Jer_29:25, Jer_29:29; 2Ki_25:18). That he continued to adhere to the policy of resistance against Babylonian authority is indicated by the fact that he was among the leaders of Israel taken by Nebuzaradan before the king of Babylon, and killed at Riblah (2Ki_25:18 parallel Jer_52:24).


Taken from: International Standard Bible Encyclopedia by James Orr, M.A., D.D., General Editor