Fausset's Bible Dictionary



1. Son of Jabesh; 15th king of Israel. Smote Zachariah, son of Jeroboam II, openly before the people (showing that their sympathies were with him), and seized the kingdom (2Ki_15:9-10), thereby fulfilling the prophecy that Jehu's dynasty should last only to the fourth generation (2Ki_10:30). Slain after a month's reign by Menahem, illustrating the retributive law (Mat_26:52; Rev_13:10).

2. The prophetess Huldah's husband (2Ki_22:14); keeper of the priestly vestments (2Ch_34:22).

3. 1Ch_2:40-41

4. King Josiah's fourth son in order, according to 1Ch_3:15; Jer_22:11; by birth third son (See JEHOAHAZ.)

5. 1Ch_4:25.

6. Ezr_7:2; 1Ch_6:12-13.

7. 1Ch_7:13; SHILLEM in Gen_46:24; Num_25:48-49.

8. 1Ch_9:17; Ezr_2:42.

9. Son of Kore (1Ch_9:19; 1Ch_9:31). From 1Ch_9:18 it seems Shallum, etc., were of higher rank than Shallum, Akkub, etc., who were "for the companies of the sons of Levi."

10. 2Ch_28:12.

11. Ezr_10:24.

12. Ezr_10:42.

13. Rebuilt the wall with his daughters (Neh_3:12).

14. Jeremiah's uncle (Jer_32:7); perhaps the same as Shallum, Huldah's husband.

15. Jer_35:4.


Taken from: Fausset's Bible Dictionary by Andrew Robert Fausset (1821-1910)