Fausset's Bible Dictionary



1. Aaron's oldest son by Elisheba (Exo_6:23; Num_3:2). With Aaron and Abihu and 70 elders he had the privilege of nearer access to Jehovah at Sinai than the mass of the people, but not so near as Moses (Exo_24:1). Struck dead for kindling (probably under intoxication) the incense with "strange fire," not taken from the perpetual fire on the altar (Lev_6:13; Lev_10:1-10).

2. Jeroboam's son, who walked in his father's evil way; reigned two years, 954-952 B.C. (1Ki_25:25-31). Slain, in fulfilment of Ahijah the Shilonite's prophecy, by the conspirator Baasha, while besieging Gibbethon of Dan (Jos_19:44; Jos_21:23). Probably the neighbouring Philistines had seized Gibbethon when the Levites generally left it, to escape from Jeroboam's apostasy to Judah. By a retributive coincidence it was when Israel was besieging Gibbethon, 24 years after, that the same destruction fell on Baasha's family as Baasha had inflicted on Nadab (1Ki_16:9-15).

3. 1Ch_2:28.

4. 1Ch_8:30; 1Ch_9:36.


Taken from: Fausset's Bible Dictionary by Andrew Robert Fausset (1821-1910)