Fausset's Bible Dictionary


1. 1Ch_24:12.

2. 1Ch_3:24.

3. High priest when Nehemiah rebuilt the walls (Neh_3:1-20-21). Energetic in building the sheepgate, sanctifying and setting up its doors; but relationship to Tobiah the Ammonite outweighed regard for the sanctity of the temple. Nehemiah was angry with him for preparing a room therein for his pagan connection (Neh_13:4-7), in opposition to God's prohibition (Deu_23:3-4). His grandson too had married the pagan Horonite Sanballat's daughter (Neh_13:28). Ungodly alliances are a snare to religious professors (2Co_6:14-18; Mat_10:37). "Therefore (says Nehemiah) I chased him from me. Remember them, O my God, because they have defiled the priesthood and the covenant of the priesthood." His genealogy is given (Neh_12:10; Neh_12:22), see Ezr_10:6.

4. Ezr_10:24.

5. Ezr_10:27.

6. Ezr_10:36.


Taken from: Fausset's Bible Dictionary by Andrew Robert Fausset (1821-1910)