Fausset's Bible Dictionary


An hereditary name in Benjamin (1Ch 7:10; 1Ch 8:6). The second of the judges was son of Gera, also an hereditary name in Benjamin (Gen 46:21; 2Sa 16:5; 1Ch 8:3). Israel's "deliverer," under God, from the Moabite Eglon who had crossed the Jordan westward, and seized Jericho, in Ehud's tribe, Benjamin (Jdg 3:9; Jdg_3:12-30; Neh 9:27, "saviors".) He could use his left hand as readily as his right hand (Jdg 20:16). "He made him" a dagger; for, as under the Philistines (1Sa 13:19) so now under Moab the making of iron weapons publicly was forbidden. He girt on" his right thigh" where its presence would never be suspected, the left being the sword side and where to his left hand it would be most convenient. He may have been one of the 600 left-handed slingers who escaped to the Rock Rimmon just thirteen years before.


Taken from: Fausset's Bible Dictionary by Andrew Robert Fausset (1821-1910)