8th Dynasty
(13) 2173-2160BC
In many instances this dynasty would be combined with dynasty VII. However it is too far-reaching simplification as in the order proposed by Manetho dynasty VII composes something like symbol of anarchy and collapse of central control in the land. Names of rulers of that period of time are known to us mostly from two sources only: Table of Abydos and Turin Canon. Both documents, supplementing one another, allow compose a pretty liable list of rulers of dynasty VIII.


Wadjkare Pepysonbe
(Beautiful Ka, Re ; Pepi Is Healthy)
(4) 2173-2169BC
Ruler documented in Table of Abydos and Turin Canon. The latter one adds to his name epithet Sri The Younger.

Neferkamin Anu
(2) 2169-2167BC
Inscription in Turin Canon is damaged in that place, only fragment survived which points distinctly at king Neferkamin Anu who is also mentioned by Table of Abydos.

Kakare Ibi
(Strong Is The Soul Of Re)
(4) 2167-2163
The ruler confirmed by Turin Canon and Table of Abydos. Many graffitos survived at Tomas (Nubia). It is assumed that he might have ruled  2-4 years. Burial place – pyramid at Saqqara. This is the last pyramid erected at Saqqara. It is located near Pepi II pyramid. The Texts of Pyramid survived until now.

(Beautiful Are The Souls [Ka] Of Re)
(2) 2163-2161BC
Existence of this regent is confirmed in Table of Abydos. J. von Beckerath ascribed to him Horus name of Hr Xai... .

(Beautiful Is Soul [Ka] Of Horus)
(1) 2161-2160BC
This ruler’s name Xwi-wi-Hpw is interpreted as Apis Protects Me. To the period of Neferkauhor rule are dated famous decrees of Koptos which mention among others marriage of eldest daughter of the king with vizier of Upper Egypt named Shemai.