7th Dynasty
(8) 2181-2173BC
The existence of this dynasty is questioned by a lot of scholars. Manetho, to stress the extreme anarchy, described that time as a period of 70 rulers reigning 70 days. However, a fact of distinguishing 30 dynasties in ancient Egyptian chronology, artificial in a sense, requires to be preserved. Thus omitting the Dynasty VII, as well as combining it with the Dynasty VIII, as it is a case in numerous registers, would be a mistake, especially that names of the then rulers, usually written in royal cartouches, are well known to us. 


Neterkare & Menkare
       (Godlike Ka, Re)          (Enduring Ka, Re)
  These two kings are the first to be named at the Abydos list after the break down of dynasty 6. Manetho says that Nitokris (last of dynasty six) built the "third pyramid" probably meaning at Giza confused by Menkaure of the fourth dynasty. It's possible that Nitokris' throne name was Men-ka-re. No physical evidence has been found of Neter-ka-re and the duration of his reign is not known.

Neferkare II & Neferkare III Nebi
   (Beautiful Is Ka of Re)         (Beautiful Is Ka of Re ; The Protector)
  NEFERKARE II ("Beautiful is the Ka (soul) of Re") is from the Abydos list solely. The common name might be an entry for another better-known ruler. No remains from him have been found. Neferkare NEBI ("The protector") was a son of King Pepi II. He is present in the Abydos list and twice mentioned in the tomb of his mother - queen Ankhesenpepi II. No remains from him have been found.

Djedkare Shemu &
(The Soul [Ka] Of Re Endureth ; The Nomad)
Neferkare IV Khendu
(Beutiful Is Ka Of Re ; Striding)
  from the Abydos only comes Djedkare SHEMU ("Permanent is Ka (soul) of Re) and his birth name Shemu (or Shemai) possibly "nomad", shown by the hieroglyph of a man with a stick over his shoulder. No remains have been found that have confirmed this pharaoh. Neferkare KHENDU ("striding") is known only from the Abydos list. No remains from his reign have been found.

Merenhor & Sneferka
       (Horus Loves Him)      (Beautiful is Ka of Min)
  Merenhor is in cartouche forty-six on the wall in Abydos and doesn't have solar god Re in his throne name. His name (from bottom): water waves, a mouth, a hoe and the old falcon god Hor (Horus). SNEFERKA comes only from the Abydos list cartouche number 47. His name doesn't contain a god and can possibly be read: The beautiful Ka (soul). No remains have been found from these kings.

Nekare & Neferka Tereru
   (Re Who Belongs To Ka)  (Beautiful Is Ka Of Re ; Respected By...)
  Abydos list number forty-eight notes NEKARE. He's not known from elesewhere and no remains have been found from him. Neferka TERERU is in position number forty-nine from the Abydos list. His personal name TERERU (or possibly Tererl), are the four hieroglyphs starting at the bottom and the meaning is possibly: "Respected by". No remains from these two kings have been found so far.

(Beautiful Is Ka Of Horus)
His throne name nfr-kA-Hr (Beautiful Is Ka of Horus), is known to us solely from Table of Abydos and cylindrical seal.
 This king ruled in the break between the seventh and eighth dynasty and he obviously praised the old falcon god Hor(us).
The parts tell that "the Ka (soul) of Horus is beautiful" instead of solar god Re. Horus from the Upper Egypt was the older of the two and represented pharaoh himself but since dynasty four Re (as a sun disk) had been within the cartouches marking the king's title as "Son of Re". Neferkahor and a few other rulers of this period temporarily broke this tradition. No remains of his have been found.