Tukulti-Ninurta II
890-884BC (6)


The annals of Tukulti-ninurta were found inscribed upon a large tablet probably from Assur. The first five campaigns are given in brief form and the sixth is given in great detail. It catalogues the standard circuit of the Assyrian kings on the march - down the Tigris, across to the Euphrates by way of Dur-Kurigalzu and Sippar, then up the Euphrates via Hit and Anah, to the Habur River; up the Habur valley to Nisibis. From Nisibis a raid is made against the Mushki. The king then returns to Assur.

Division of spoils

In the month of Simanu I departed from Nineveh. I crossed Mount Kashiari. Two cities in its neighborhood I destroyed. The people of this land I carried off into captivity. Copper, lead, iron, wood, horses, mules, I took for my own. I had Ammi-bali, son of Zamani swear an oath of Assur. "You, if you furnish horses to my bodyguards, Adad, the merciful god, will....." At that time I Tukulti-Ninurta, set it up in the wall of the great court of Enlil in the gate of Mashupi. Silver from the Nairi lands which my arms had captured, I divided up, two parts went to the god and one part I placed in my palace. (405)

Sources of natural resources

In front of Hit, by the springs of bitumen, the place of ushmeta-stones through which the gods speak, I spent the night. (409)

To the city of Hidanu I drew near. 10 minas of liktu-gold, 10 minas of silver, 23 talents of lead, 1 talent of myrrh, 60 copper BAD, 10 minas of zadidu, 8 minas of shimzida-stone, 30 camels, 50 head of cattle, 30 asses, 14 large birds, 200 lambs, food and drink, straw and fodder, I received as the gift of Amme-alaba of Hidanu. Hidanu lies on the other side of the Euphrates. (410)


Ninurta and Nergal who love my priesthood, gave me the beasts of the plain. They commanded me to follow the chase. Mighty lions in my hunting chariot, with my brave heart, and by my courageous onset, I slew with the javelin.

Peaceful Achievements

I constructed palaces throughout my land, I heaped up piles of grain for the sustenance of my land and increased their number when compared to former days. To Assyria I added land, to its peoples I added peoples.

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