My Pig Jokes Page 4

What kind of bread do pig ladles make in the Yukon?
     Sow-r dough bread.

Where did the piglets study their ABC's?
     At a school for higher loinin.

What famous pig actor made a movie about Frankenswine?
     Boaris Karloff

How did the little pig win at Monopoly?
     He built hotels on Pork Place.

Who do they get for Babe the pig's dangerous movie scenes?
     A stunt ham.

What do little pigs want to be when they grow up?
     Garbage collectors.

What is the pig's favorite musical instrument?
     The piggalo (piccalo).

Why did the piglets do badly in school?
     They were all slow loiners.

What do little piglets do on a Saturday night?
     Have a pigjama party!

Why did the pigs paint their hoofs green?
     It was Saint Patrick's Day.

Did you hear the story about the razorback hog?
     It's pretty dull.

What would a pig name a chain of food stores?
     "Stop "N Slop Markets".

What would happen if pigs went on strike?
     They'd form pigget lines.

Where do pigs hang out in New York City?
     Central Pork.

What are the pigs warned to look out for in New York?

What does a pig use to write his term papers with?
     Pen and Oink!

What did the pig say when it found a fly in its soup?
     "Yum Yum.".

When is a pig an ecologist?
     When he recycles garbage into ham.

Why are pigs such great football fans?
     They're always rooting.

What did the pig say when his brother rolled on him?
What do you call a pig with three eyes?
     A piiig.

What did the pig call a manuscript?
     A shoat story (shoat = a young pig)

What is a pigs favourite ballet?
      Swine Lake!