The Expositor's Bible
Colossians & Philemon
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The Epistle to the Colossians.

Chapter 1
1:1, 2. The Writer and the Readers
1:3-8. The Prelude
1:9-12. The Prayer
1:12-14. The Fatherís Gifts through the Son
1:15-18. The Glory of the Son in His Relation to the Father, the Universe, and the Church
1:19-22. The Reconciling Son
1:22, 23. The Ultimate Purpose of Reconciliation and its Human Conditions
1:24-27. Joy in Suffering, and Triumph in the Manifested Mystery
1:28, 29. The Christian Ministry in its Theme, Methods, and Aim
Chapter 2
2:1-3. Paulís Striving for the Colossians
2:4-7. Conciliatory and Hortatory Transition to Polemics
2:8-10. The Bane and the Antidote
2:11-13. The True Circumcision
2:14, 15. The Cross the Death of Law and the Triumph over Evil Powers
2:16-19. Warnings against Twin Chief Errors based upon Previous Positive Teaching
2:20-23. Two Final Tests of the False Teaching
Chapter 3
3:1-4. The Present Christian Life a Risen Life
3:5-9. Slaying Self the Foundation Precept of Practical Christianity
3:9-11. The New Nature wrought out in New Life
3:12-14. The Garments of the Renewed Soul
3:15-17. The Practical Effects of the Peace of Christ, the Word of Christ, and the Name of Christ
3:18, - 4:1. The Christian Family
Chapter 4
4:2-6. Precepts for the Innermost and Outer most Life

4:7-9. Tychicus and Onesimus, the Letter-Bearers

4:10-14. Salutations from the Prisonerís Friends

4:15-18. Closing Messages

The Epistle to Philemon.